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Our contractors service most of Arizona including Sedona and all of metro Phoenix:

Apache Junction
Queen Creek
San Tan Valley
Sun City
& beyond

Within Maricopa County (and the zip codes below), our renovation contractors will custom build to suit your construction needs: Avondale 85323 Buckeye 85326 Carefree 85377 Cave Creek 85331 Chandler 85224 Chandler 85225 Chandler 85226 Chandler 85248 Chandler 85249 El Mirage 85335 Fort McDowell 85264 Fountain Hills 85268 Gila Bend 85337 Gilbert 85233 Gilbert 85234 Gilbert 85296 Gilbert 85297 Glendale 85301 Glendale 85302 Glendale 85303 Glendale 85304 Glendale 85305 Glendale 85306 Glendale 85307 Glendale 85308 Glendale 85310 Goodyear 85338 Higley 85236 Laveen 85339 Litchfield Park 85340 Mesa 85201 Mesa 85202 Mesa 85203 Mesa 85204 Mesa 85205 Mesa 85206 Mesa 85207 Mesa 85208 Mesa 85210 Mesa 85212 Mesa 85213 Mesa 85215 New River 85087 Paradise Valley 85253 Peoria 85345 Peoria 85381 Peoria 85382 Peoria 85383 Phoenix 85003 Phoenix 85004 Phoenix 85006 Phoenix 85007 Phoenix 85008 Phoenix 85009 Phoenix 85012 Phoenix 85013 Phoenix 85014 Phoenix 85015 Phoenix 85016 Phoenix 85017 Phoenix 85018 Phoenix 85019 Phoenix 85020 Phoenix 85021 Phoenix 85022 Phoenix 85023 Phoenix 85024 Phoenix 85027 Phoenix 85028 Phoenix 85029 Phoenix 85031 Phoenix 85032 Phoenix 85033 Phoenix 85034 Phoenix 85035 Phoenix 85037 Phoenix 85040 Phoenix 85041 Phoenix 85042 Phoenix 85043 Phoenix 85044 Phoenix 85048 Phoenix 85050 Phoenix 85051 Phoenix 85053 Phoenix 85054 Phoenix 85085 Phoenix 85086 Queen Creek 85242 Scottsdale 85250 Scottsdale 85251 Scottsdale 85254 Scottsdale 85255 Scottsdale 85256 Scottsdale 85257 Scottsdale 85258 Scottsdale 85259 Scottsdale 85260 Scottsdale 85262 Sun City 85351 Sun City 85373 Sun City West 85375 Surprise 85374 Surprise 85379 Tempe 85281 Tempe 85282 Tempe 85283 Tempe 85284 Tolleson 85353 Wickenburg 85390 Youngtown 85363

Get the home addition you need
PLUS a delightful experience!

First, among all the home addition companies in AZ, how easy could it be to pick one you can trust? We'll make it quick and easy.

If you could LISTEN to what our past clients say, would you? If you only need our pros for a small home addition, wouldn't it be worth a few minutes to hear short audio testimonials from real clients of an A+ rated home improvement company in Phoenix AZ?

Those audios are further down this page. Plus, in the paragraphs immediately below, you can read about one very simple thing that sets our company apart from other home addition contractors in Phoenix AZ.

Here it is: renovation is NOT our first field. In fact, the primary expertise of the owners of our company is actually in business management, not renovation or construction.

Our head supervisor, Dane, does have years of personal experience as a laborer in the construction field (from his youth). However, that is just what he before he earned enough to finish college. He is also a CPA (with one degree from Arizona State plus an MBA from the University of Phoenix). So, here's how, after so many years as a successful CPA, he ended up in the renovation industry....

Dane's CPA firm had a client in the construction field and the partners of the firm saw the value of becoming partners with that client (so they "bought in" as investors). Eventually, because of the CPA firm's concern with the ethics of how the everyday management was being handled, they parted ways with the other contractor.

However, several homeowners in Arizona (including some of the other accounting clients) already had been impressed with the way that Dane interacted with home owners while giving remodeling estimates and progress reports on renovations that were underway. So, "accidentally" Dane soon was getting requests to do enough construction work that the other CPAs offered to do more of the accounting work and give Dane more time to focus on managing the construction company (which eventually became his full-time passion).

So, from the beginning, our renovation company has had the money and time to be very selective. We never needed to be unrealistic on an estimate just to get hired (or cut corners to stay close to an unrealistic estimate). We have always been very selective about every employee and subcontractor involved in building your home addition.

Our head supervisor still organizes his thoughts as an accountant (because that is what he is). He even still talks like an accountant a lot (in terms of speaking clearly, slowly, and with precision).

In contrast, many competent construction pros can easily get frustrated over the paperwork that goes with building permits, city code inspections, and even things like submitting insurance claims. We are experts at managing time, money, people, and paperwork. Unfortunately for many homeowners, most general contractors are not.

So, if you just need a competent handyman for a few small repairs and replacements, you are welcome to call us and we will be happy to refer you to a good one that we can comfortably recommend. However, if you want a high-quality renovation company that can identify exactly what you value and provide precisely that, then we invite you to use the contact form on the left and let us know about the renovations you are planning.

In conclusion, we are professionals who happen to manage a construction company. Our renovation supervisors will communicate with you with professionalism and respect. If you have heard stories about other contractors forgetting to call as promised (or even just forgetting to show up), you know that many people who are skilled in the construction field are not very well-organized. Or, if their truck has engine trouble, they may not have the deep pockets to smoothly manage any unexpected complications that can come up. Even though many other renovation companies are competent and honest, they just do not have the management and organizational skills that form the foundation of our company.

Not only will people who choose to be our client be grateful for the actual renovations we provide, but they will be delighted at how simple and smooth it will go. You can be relaxed throughout the entire process. Having your residential property renovated does not need to feel like a month-long visit to the dentist or the proctologist. (Think about how most pets react when they realize that they are on the way to the veterinarian's office!)

Next, through the form on the left, you will contact a licensed general contractor with an A+ BBB rating. Why take the risk of hiring a construction company that lacks our professional touch?

Just talk to us first. Save yourself all that time of sorting through a big, tangled pile of skepticism.

Or, before you hire us, maybe you will want to talk to a few other top-rated licensed contractors in Phoenix. If that makes sense to you, then read the next section on why we still expect you to prefer our contractors over the rest of the top addition companies in Arizona.

Next, among the top renovation contractors in Arizona, what else makes our general contractor the very best for you?

You will get the highest quality renovations from us, plus our complete personal attention (which most of the other top-ranked Phoenix remodelers are just too busy to offer). With a solid foundation of stable finances plus our expertise in managing a business well, we are simply more relaxed than the other top-ranked general contractors in Phoenix. We have the luxury of focusing on long-term steady growth, not just scrambling for short-term cash flow. So, we will give you a realistic estimate for your renovation, plus we can usually start the remodeling without a big delay (rather than you having to wait several months).

Even as one of the best home improvement contractors in all of Arizona, we're not huge. We're not trying to manage a hundred big renovation projects a year or compete with huge construction companies.

Because of that, you can be confident that you will get the personal attention that you value (from the smallest residential remodel to management of extensive commercial renovations). Though our company is small, two of our renovation supervisors have decades of local construction experience in central Arizona, so we have developed solid relationships with the best subcontractors in the Phoenix area. The quality of the work depends on the quality of all of the workers!

Like all of the top contractors in Arizona, our builders take great pride in every step of every job, from the smallest conversion to the building a multi-room detached addition in Phoenix. So, while most contractors will typically "cut corners" now and then (which can result in big delays with city building inspectors if they get caught), we are committed to maintaining our "A+" status with the local BBB of central Arizona. We only do great work and that means that we only use remodeling subcontractors that have earned our total confidence.

We really expect you to be delighted not only by the end result, but by every step of the process. Why? Because that is exactly how we would want it if we were the ones hiring a contractor!

So, why wait weeks to get an estimate for a small remodel? Once you contact us using the form on the left, you will find that we are very easy to reach by phone. We will work with you to fit you in to our schedule (even if your schedule is tight).

Instead of contacting a building contractor with a huge waiting list (and waiting several months before your renovations would even begin), we can start soon and finish promptly. Not only are we a top-ranked remodeler, but we can serve you much faster than other A+ contractors in Phoenix. You can even contact us right now and then, after that, listen to our remodeling reviews below.

Last, exactly why do central Arizona residents so strongly recommend our home addition contractors?

We invite you to listen to their own words of why they recommend our builders as the best in Phoenix. You will hear it straight from them.

Maybe you do not know how stressful it can be to hire a negligent or dishonest general contractor (which is emphasized in two reviews below). Maybe you also don't know how many fake reviews are on the internet.

After you contact us, we can even send you a link to our BBB profile and ROC page so that you can confirm that we are licensed and bonded. Other companies may feature a few decent reviews to distract you from their bad ones. Getting a builder's license is rather easy, but how many renovation contractors in Phoenix started as a CPA and then decided to manage a construction company simply as an opportunity to provide a needed service to Arizonans like you?

With us, you can stop worrying about how to identify a builder that can match the efficiency.of our well-organized management systems. Plus, instead of accidentally hiring a below average company and then regretting a stressful disaster, we encourage you to be selective and be confident that you are hiring the best contractor for you. Take a minute or two now to hear at least one short audio testimonial from our past remodeling clients near Phoenix.

Our general contractor built this 500 square foot detached addition as a home improvement project. One of the first stages of building the addition was pouring the foundation. Here you can see two of our construction workers spreading the wet cement through a hose and and using another tool for spreading it around evenly. By the way, yes, the one on the right does have on a hat for an NFL team far away from Florida. We respect that some of these snowbirds may prefer winning teams over local teams who have had a lot of losing seasons lately. We still love the Florida teams even when they are playing like they are wading waist-deep in wet cement.

Now, you can learn why these 3 home owners in central Arizona recommend our contractor as the best over ALL the others in Phoenix. (Currently, only the first two below have live audio. We're working on editing other interviews down from 20+ minutes to be short enough to publish here.)

This homeowner calls our general contractor in Phoenix "honest" and "very professional."

Q: What are a few things that you would say about Dane and the crew?

They're very professional and that was really nice. They were very prompt and always communicated really well... as far as what they were doing.

And even with that, just having someone in your home that you don't know, every time they came in, they introduced themselves. They told me what they were going to be doing, so I never had to ask them questions. So, I felt very comfortable with them in my house.

We've known Dane for many years and I trust him. I just felt that he was very honest with us. That's what you'll get with Dane.

This older gentlemen east of Phoenix was very excited to share about the quality of the renovations provided by Dane and Ryan.

Q: When somebody knows that they need help.... but they don't know which companies are good and which ones are brand new and which ones have a bad reputation, you can actually speak...

A: "Give them my name and phone number. I'd be glad to help out if they'd like to call me and ask me about them!"

Q: If somebody did say that they had even a question, would you recommend that they contact Ryan and Dane?

A: "Oh, you better believe it! I've got some [business] cards I'm going to put on the bulletin board... It's a good outfit as far as ... far as I'm concerned!"

"We needed some urgent construction work done on our garage and the bedroom above it. We called our insurance agent, who sent us to a company that I soon learned was not insured or properly licensed for the work we needed. The agent had never checked on that and was just as surprised as my wife and I were!

Unfortunately, the first company had done negligent work, which led to an electrical problem and then more complications with the insurance coverage. Fortunately, we found Dane's company and not only did his crew repair everything that the first company had done wrong, but we ended up hiring them to replace much more than that. We were seriously impressed.

They replaced our carpet and a bunch of walls and a ceiling. He was able to take good care of us. He even helped us get the most out of our insurance coverage. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised and, like I said, seriously impressed by the quality of service that Dane provides. "

Home additions in AZ:

Arizona room, garage addition, carport conversion, guest house construction, patio enclosure, extra bedroom, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, home office

More 5-star reviews:

Merle E.
Mesa, AZ

I had a major problem with the foundation of my house. It was basically cracking.

My insurance agent gave me this company's business card. The guy that's the head of maintenance where I live, he told me about these people, too.

There's a lot of people here at Leisure World, my retirement community in Mesa, that they already did work for. So, I talked to about 4 or 5 different people that have hired these people. They couldn't say anything against them... and I can't either [now that they are finished with my repairs and replacing everything]. It's a good outfit as far as I'm concerned.

If someone in Phoenix needs a contractor, I can definitely recommend calling Ryan and Dane. That's for darn sure! If they'd like to call me and ask me about them, I'd be glad to help out.

I'm even going to put their business cards up on the bulletin board at the administration building here in the retirement community. I would recommend them for anybody!"

Robyn M.
Florence, AZ

2016 (transcript of her audio interview)
We needed our flooring replaced and our kitchen renovated. So I called a company that showed up at the top of the online yellow pages. They came out and we hired them to start the work. The first day that the workers were here, when they left, they left cigarette butts all over my front yard.

I was not super impressed with them. They were basically a bunch of college boys (kind of on the party side)!

So my husband already knew Dane from church. We invited him to come meet us in our home and talk to us about what we needed.

The first thing that I noticed about Dane was he was very cheerful and he's got a great... aura about him, so immediately it made me feel less stress. So, he took a very stressful situation and he broke it down so I understood the process and the steps, so there weren't any surprises. I felt confident that the job was being done thoroughly and properly.

It was a HUGE headache off of my shoulders! Yeah, I have just really appreciated all the attention and the extra effort that Dane has put in. Sorry, I'm gonna cry. I love Dane. (laughing) I don't ever give anyone a ten- ever! [laughing] But I would give these guys a ten.
Rosemary M.
Paradise Valley, Arizona

They are master remodelers. They designed on their own and did an awesome job. 1 & 1/2 years later after the renovations, we are still satisfied and will contract them to do additional work.

Donna H.
San Tan Valley, AZ

All work through this company was 'TOP NOTCH' Workmanship was very professional - quality of products 'EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS'. The workers were tidy and very knowledgeable. THEY AIM TO PLEASE.....

Mike G.
Gilbert, AZ

They did a fantastic job. They were quick and professional, the entire time. They did the job right, which is exactly what we wanted. Definately felt they were honest, and did all they could to make sure we were happy with the work. Highly recommend them for any work you may need done. AAA+

Adam B.
Mesa, AZ

Great service! They came out to our house and replaced our damaged flooring. Great people that you can trust.

Sharon B.
Scottsdale, AZ

Ryan returned our call very promptly and sent out Mike, who completed some quick repairs to the attic of our garage. We are ready to use this contractor again for different services, and will highly recommend them to friends and neighbors.

Joel B.
San Tan Valley, AZ

I had crown molding done at my house for my living room, family room, kitchen, and entry way. It was a job several contractors in Arizona did not want to do because of the 19 ft. ceiling in my living room. Fortunately, this general contractor was able to come to my house and install the crown molding in less than a week. The result was phenomenal. All of my friends and family were very impressed with the work this company had done. I would recommend them for crown molding in any home.
Josh B.
Surprise, AZ

I was impressed by the professionalism. Very friendly and most of all: the most affordable that I found in the valley. Will definitely recommend to others and use again for my future needs.

"Finally... a home addition contractor in Phoenix that actually understands!"

Our licensed builders have built home additions and provided general contracting services to Phoenix for decades. We respect you and we understand that your life may have just gotten very busy. We can help you move gracefully through the details, financing options, and uncertainty of your construction project.

You know that you need expert help. What you probably do not know is how to tell which contractor in Phoenix is the best company to build your home addition, right?

Let us help you with that! For you to "move gracefully" through this unfamiliar situation, you want guidance from someone that makes you feel comfortable, right?

So, imagine that your construction project is kind of like learning to dance. If the music does not have a steady rhythm that is at a pace that works for you, you want a dance instructor who notices that and adjusts the tempo for you. They can select simple, fun songs that they know very well and that you know too. They help you to be both relaxed and focused. They notice common mistakes and sources of confusion, plus they are very at ease about helping to correct any errors and move things forward at the right pace for you.

You want a stable, perceptive partner (or instructor) who is confident about their own abilities and who leads you in a way that has you moving smoothly and gracefully. In that case, you can learn to dance at the right rhythm for you and you will feel comfortable letting them lead, because you can tell that they are relaxed, confident, and capable. Once you see them get started, you will see the ease and strength of each step that they take.

Is building your addition going to be as much fun as learning to dance? Probably a little less fun. However, once you select our contractors for building your home addition in Phoenix, then there will not really be much for you to do. Our experts do all the work. (You won't even be sore the next day like you might from a night of having "too much fun" while dancing.)

"Should I choose a licensed, insured contractor for my home addition?"

We strongly recommend it. Not only does our builder come with a license from the Arizona R.O.C. with an insured bond, and with an A+ BBB Rating, but there are also several audio testimonials that you can find through the links at the top of this page. You can hear for yourself why so many people in Phoenix recommend our licensed contractor as the best one for you to hire for building your addition.

We respect that when you are inviting people in to your home to build an addition, you want skilled experts that are a pleasure to have around your household, right? Because we understand how stressful the building process can be, that's why we have the best reviews in Phoenix, including from property management companies (for renovations to residential homes and commercial buildings).

Need an estimate, renovation bid, or an in-person consultation? If so, click the image below now!